The company

At Bolckmans NV we have always built for entrepreneurs.
Hence we know from experience that in addition to the quality of the work we deliver, respect for budget and timing is also key for you.
Our organization is dedicated to providing you with an appropriate answer to your building concerns.

The design is fully developed by our own team of engineers and architects by using a strictly controlled process, which is formulated on the basis of your requirements and in consultation with your architect.
In doing this, our engineering team is routinely busy with hot issues such as sustainability (BREEAM), zero CO2, eco-efficiency, life-cycle costing and all other aspects that you could wish for in your building.
Our customized contract formulae, including construction team, design & construct and turnkey formulae, ensure competitive pricing coupled with a fast and efficient cooperation between all parties.
The realization of your building is done by our experienced implementation teams and once completed, our own service team is then at your full disposal at any time.
Our financial strength and the support of the ASVB group allow us to effectively guarantee our commitments.

Our approach is appreciated all the more by entrepreneurs because it allows investments to be made without any surprises and without undue input from your scarce management time.
Our company has all the competencies to act as "single point of contact" for a client.

More and more customers choose our approach and once you become our customer, you then stay our customer because we build on this.

From our no-nonsense view of the above elements, which we deem as of paramount importance, we ask that you no longer invest your time in reading commercial texts but we ask you to immediately get round the table with our staff and existing customers.
Texts say very little, the photos on our website a bit more perhaps, but be sure to ask our staff for reference visits. We believe that the visit to a reference in your branch of activity along with the independent testimony of a customer is all we will need to convince you.

Dimitri Huygen