Our Values

A business is more than a building with a VAT number.

Apart from the financial aspects, which of course drive a healthy company, we believe it is important to specify why we are who we are.
Why do we deal in a particular way with projects differently from the way that others see, why do we keep our experience in-house and why is there no staff turnover, why do we build again each year for more than 60% trusted customers, why do we dare to promise and lay down what no other contractor dares.
Because of these values, that’s why:

• We are proud of our company and all our employees
• We are proud of our personal commitment and we’re proud of what we do
• We are proud of our customers, each time they find the way back to our company and many of them also become real ambassadors
• We are proud of our achievements

• We are committed by our social engagement (apprenticeships, charities, etc.)
• Committed employees come about by getting the vision, mission and strategy of the company through to them
• Committed operational management comes about by the management taking responsibility and ensuring the general welfare and happiness of our employees
• Committed employees come about by allowing them to grow and to develop further, by trusting them and giving them responsibility
• Being committed to customers comes about by unburdening them through providing them with solutions, before, during and long after the construction process and the continuous effort to bind them to us
• Commitment grows through open, honest and transparent communication
• Commitment among employees and departments is based on mutual understanding and cooperation; the continuous improvement of processes and techniques in order to support this forms the backbone of our company

• We look critically at our mistakes and we follow our market in order to then learn from these, to adapt ourselves and to continue to grow further
• We look critically at the project data submitted for a new project, we want these as quickly and completely as possible
• We critically study new dossiers and we dare to refuse there where we are unable to offer any added value to the client. We embrace the real Bolckmans projects and we offer all of them in a competitive and qualitative way
• Being critical is also being able to give and accept criticism in a constructive way. Being open to other ideas, opinions and insights not only broadens our own look, but also strengthens the company
• Critical is also being cost-critical, but at the same time generous when it comes to spending for improvement, welfare and corporate social responsibility